[Wicked Wednesday] Travel and Phone Sex

The boy and I don’t travel often–longer trips have to be dog friendly or we need to have a pet sitter–but the trips we have taken have been pretty fun. Parks (national or state) are a favorite. He has had to travel for work more lately, which is where this comes into play…

“You could always turn on the camera and watch,” she said, phone propped against her ear with her shoulder as she lays out the vibrator and lube. “Just depends on if you want it saved in the cloud for eternity.”

There’a a pause on the other end. “Not really. Do you?”

“Naw, not that much of an exhibitionist.” She settled on the bed, switched the phone to her other ear so she could easily reach the toy beside her. “Now…where should we start…” Her hand played along her breast, sliding past the slightly sensitive nipple. She spider walked her fingers down the center of her body, and then over to her hip. “Why don’t you tease yourself a little bit? Don’t touch your cock just yet, though.” She could hear his breathing getting deeper. Her fingers tapped along the outside of her clit, down her labia, a warm up tease of her own.

After a few minutes, she reached over to grab the vibrator and the lube. Squeezing some onto the head of the vibrator, she powered it on and cycled through the intensities to find the one she wanted. “Can you gently trail your hand up and down your cock for me, baby?” She touched the vibrator to the side of her clit, before softly rolling it back and forth, lengthening the time it spent on her clit with each pass. When her muscles started tensing, she gave him permission to tighten and speed up his hand.

The call turned into moans–she couldn’t tell quite which were her own and which were his, the sound of the vibrator and her own pleasure mixing with his across the phone. Panting with release, she turned the vibrator off and let out a long, content sigh. “Hey, baby, you good? You still with me?”

The laugh in return was shaky, “Yeah. Yeah I’m good. Still here.”

“Good.” She smiled, hoping it carried through in her voice. “I miss you.”

“I miss you, too. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Sleep well.”

Incidentally, I “popped” his phone sex cherry. I really, really enjoy when I get to give him a “first” of something.

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This is my first time participating in Wicked Wednesday, and I’m not even sure I’m doing it right, haha. 

“Did you get lube in my hair?” She asked, pulling the strands in front of her eyes to inspect. He looked up from his resting spot on her stomach, eyes blinking sleep away.


She sighed. It was just a continuation of the evening that had gone absolutely sideways, with none of the positions working out quite right and the difficulties killing the mood. She poked at his shoulder. “C’mon, let’s go shower.” With a grumble, he slid off her.

Once they were in the shower, she slid up behind him, the water cascading down around them. Nibbling at the lobe of his ear, her hands trailed their way up and down his sides, where she knew he was sensitive. “Now, how about you clean up this mess you made?”

He leaned back against her, head finding side of her face to nuzzle against her. “Gladly.”

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked