[Food for Thought Friday] Warm Weather

We went on a hike today and it wore all four of us out….

On a balmy summer day, how bare will you dare to go? T-shirt and shorts? bikini/swimsuit? Topless? Nude?

Tank top and the shortest shorts I can get. I live in Florida. It gets freaking hoooooot. I’d go nude in the house but the a/c is on full blast so it’s too cold

For those of you who bare all (or mostly all), what is it that you enjoy most about the experience.

Not dying of heat stroke ๐Ÿ˜‚

For those who prefer to remain covered, are there any circumstances where you might consider baring more than you usually do?

Yes. The two weeks of spring, in the house lmao. If we had a privacy fence, I’d do it in our backyard. But we don’t so that’s our. I would probably get eaten alive by mosquitos, though.

Bonus: what is the best way to enjoy a warm summer’s day, either with or without a partner?

In the air conditioned building!


[Kink of the Week] Feet!

It’s my birthday, the boy is out of town on a work trip, and the only people wishing me a happy birthday are people I’ve known for a decade plus because I don’t have it posted on Facebook.

I have tall, pointy pole heels because one of the things I do for fun is pole dance/fitness. Very occasionally, I’ll wear the heels for sex purposes. The boy has a spot on his chest that oh-so-conveniently feels good when it’s poked with a heel. So during oral, when I want to apply juuuust a little pressure, the heels help me do that ๐Ÿ˜

My feet, dog’s feet. Socks not optional.

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[Wicked Wednesday] Money makes the girl go โ€˜round

The title comes from the artist formerly known as Jessie and the Toy Boys. Which, really, in hindsight, should have shown younger me something about my pro-civilities. (Is that even the right word? Whatever lol)

One time as a role play, the boy and I used Monopoly money for a degradation scene. He was topping, because degradation is one of my kinks (humiliation and degradation are on his “receiving” limits list, and even when he was “giving,” it required a lot of aftercare and reassurance that yes, I really did enjoy it). Sadly, we’ve never repeated it. Too many other scenarios to try out!

But, if I had an actual million dollars…I’d probably be super boring and pay off student loans (his), the mortgage (mine), and then do the house repairs/upgrades we’ve been putting off, and make sure I had enough for possibly four years of going back to school once I have to quit working. The rest would probably go into savings.

I’m sure there’d be some kink purchases (hello more leather gear!) (and lace underwear because dang does the nicer, handmade stuff add up), but in general: practical stuff would win out.

Although if we do get granite countertops, I would quite enjoy fucking him on them ๐Ÿ˜‰

And since you read all the way to the end and I have no real sexy stuff for you, here’s a mama cat with her five (!!) babies we’re fostering:

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[Masturbation Monday] [Fiction] Fairies

Once upon a time, there was a very, very lonely tree fairy. Oh, sure, he went around helping the sickly trees, subtly rearranging roots to help them find water, and the work was rewarding, but it wasn’t exciting.

Sometimes he’d spy lovers who had escaped into his forest for a small tryst, and those were mildly exciting vouyeristic opportunities. But they were nothing more than passing distractions in an overall solitary life.

There would be the occasional daydream, as he lay sunning himself on some of the leaves he helped maintained, about a companion fairy. Maybe a water one, for they’d be complementary to one another. But water fairies were known for their constantly shifting desires, so at best he’d get something brief, and ultimately unsatisfying.

Perhaps an air fairy would come by? They were easily distracted, though, so catching their attention in the first place would probably be difficult.

But the one he really fantasized about was the fire fairy. They were passionate, and while sometimes they were quick to burn out a relationship, they could also last quite awhile. He never did dare go find one, though, for fear she would consume him and leave nothing behind–much like her element would do to his precious forest. The forest fairy was very keen on thinking about it, though.

She’d take charge, pin him down with no where to go, mount him and ride him until he was spent, had no more to give, but never being satiated herself. The fire fairy would use him in other ways, then. Use him to her satisfaction, whenever that would be–if it ever came to fruition. And he’d love every moment of it, right up until it was too much, too much, and he’d be done. Collapsed from the pleasure he had been forced to provide. Maybe, if he had truly pleased her, she’d be back. And he’d welcome her, every time.

This is what happens when you realize it’s Monday and finals week is coming up…

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This isn’t inherently a femdom or a sex blog or anything like that.

It’s probably going to end up being a combination diary of sorts, but I’m not setting out to do any one thing in particular with it.

I am admittedly horrid at social media, promotion, and commenting on things.

The basic of basic things about me, though, are as follows:

  • I’ve been in what’s essentially a female-led relationship for almost two years now. My partner is an absolute doll and he’s opened up a whole world to me that I’m very glad I stepped in to
  • Outside of my relationship, my life consists of the gym, dogs, baking, work and going back to school for a career change. So I’m busy, usually
  • I hate black and red as a BDSM color scheme. HATE IT. All the boy’s leather gear is brown and green and it looks absolutely fabulous on him thankyouverymuch.
  • Technically I identify as a bisexual switch who prefers to Domme and Bottom. But labels suck.
  • I eat cookie dough raw. And cake batter raw. And brownie batter. I just lick the spoon and the bowl cause gotta make sure whatever is in the oven comes out delicious. Totally not because I’m a sugar fiend.
  • I don’t Twitter.
  • Did I mention the doooogs??? We have a hound mix and a mutt and they are the best โค

Anyway. Back to your regularly scheduled…whatever this is going to be XD

[Snippet]/[Food for Thought Friday] Pick Up Lines

He went from kneeling and nuzzling against her thighs to laying on the bed, hard and ready for sex they didn’t have time for.

She grabbed his cock. “This is mine.” Then laid on top of him, bodies pressed together. “This is also mine,”

“Yes,” he said. And she kissed him before she had to leave.

The Food for Thought questions this week are about…pick up lines essentially haha.

Do you have a tried and tested chat-up line?

No! When I messaged the boy, it was about a fantasy book series we both had in common.

I can tell you what’s not a chat-up line: “aww, cute dog!” I legit just think your dog is cute. I do not want to bone or date. I want to pet the dog. And love on the dog. But beyond that? Naw

Have you ever used, or had a really corny line used on you?ย  Did it work?

It’s statistically likely one was used on me when I was on OkCupid and Tinder. Heck if I remember for certain, though. So clearly didn’t work.

The boy and I do have tomato/corn mugs, his is the corn that says “I love you from my head to-ma-toes” and mine is the tomato that’s rolling its eyes saying “you’re so corny”

Within the context of our relationship, I do believe both of us have used corny lines, for humor and amusement. They certainly have a spot in our communication.

Are you calm and confident, or are you like Jeff?

Neither! But probably closer to calm and confident. Now at least. Younger me would be such an awkward turtle


[Kink of the Week] So we can both watch X-Files

Does the title age me?

Doggy style is one of my absolute favorites. And it doesn’t have to be limited to, ah, “man in control.” I actually find controlling doggy style way easier than controlling cowgirl

The cuffs are connected behind his back, as he’s kneeling on the bed. She positions herself in front of him, hips raised but chest down to help her arms for leverage. He moans as she guides his cock into her wet heat. “Don’t you dare come until I’ve had my fill of you,” she says, setting a slower pace of moving him in and out of her.

He manages a “yes, ma’am” as she continues to fuck herself on him.

“You feel so good inside me, baby. Love how full you make me feel.” She speeds up her thrusts a little, hand going to her clit, knowing how it’ll make her tighten around him.

His whimpers earn a warm, if slightly teasing, laugh out of her. Feeling her own climax building, she speeds up, using her free forearm to prop against and push into.

“Oh god. Oh please, ma’am, pleaseplease.” His urgent pleading leads her to completely slide off him, she rotated her torso to watch as milky fluid leaks out of him.

“Mmm, baby, you made a bit of a mess, there.”

His hips buck forward a little as he nods. “Yes, ma’am”

She runs a finger underneath his cock to collect the leak. “Guess you’ll just have to clean it up.”

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[Wicked Wednesday] Travel and Phone Sex

The boy and I don’t travel often–longer trips have to be dog friendly or we need to have a pet sitter–but the trips we have taken have been pretty fun. Parks (national or state) are a favorite. He has had to travel for work more lately, which is where this comes into play…

“You could always turn on the camera and watch,” she said, phone propped against her ear with her shoulder as she lays out the vibrator and lube. “Just depends on if you want it saved in the cloud for eternity.”

There’a a pause on the other end. “Not really. Do you?”

“Naw, not that much of an exhibitionist.” She settled on the bed, switched the phone to her other ear so she could easily reach the toy beside her. “Now…where should we start…” Her hand played along her breast, sliding past the slightly sensitive nipple. She spider walked her fingers down the center of her body, and then over to her hip. “Why don’t you tease yourself a little bit? Don’t touch your cock just yet, though.” She could hear his breathing getting deeper. Her fingers tapped along the outside of her clit, down her labia, a warm up tease of her own.

After a few minutes, she reached over to grab the vibrator and the lube. Squeezing some onto the head of the vibrator, she powered it on and cycled through the intensities to find the one she wanted. “Can you gently trail your hand up and down your cock for me, baby?” She touched the vibrator to the side of her clit, before softly rolling it back and forth, lengthening the time it spent on her clit with each pass. When her muscles started tensing, she gave him permission to tighten and speed up his hand.

The call turned into moans–she couldn’t tell quite which were her own and which were his, the sound of the vibrator and her own pleasure mixing with his across the phone. Panting with release, she turned the vibrator off and let out a long, content sigh. “Hey, baby, you good? You still with me?”

The laugh in return was shaky, “Yeah. Yeah I’m good. Still here.”

“Good.” She smiled, hoping it carried through in her voice. “I miss you.”

“I miss you, too. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Sleep well.”

Incidentally, I “popped” his phone sex cherry. I really, really enjoy when I get to give him a “first” of something.

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[Masturbation Monday]

Her fingers start just above her breast, trailing along the side of it where she knows it’s more sensitive, down her side to where her hipbone is, before walking them over to the other side and reversing the path up. Her hand keeps making the U shape, alternating which side traces down and up.

The muffled whine from across the room doesn’t make her hesitate, although she does start adding in a slow slide along the folds near her clit. Spreading her legs a little wider and hiking her knees up some, she eventually slides a finger onto the edge of her opening.

The whine sounds almost like “please” this time, as she uses the forming wetness to help her finger glide up against her clit. A content sigh escapes her lips as she dips the finger back in her aperture, eased in by her own essence.

Her thumb rubs slow circles along her clit as her finger moves in and out of her, and the whines are coming closer together now. Not changing her pace, she props herself up on an elbow to glance over at the noise. “What seems to be the matter, beautiful? Do you want something?”

Across the room, cuffed to a chair and gagged, her paramour’s eyes pleaded with her, accompanied by muffled requests. Her propped up arm gave a little shrug, and she settled back down on the bed, fingers still working on her sex. “Guess not.”

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She knelt down beside the bed and ran her fingers through his hair before gently scratching her nails along the base of his hairline. “You coming with me?”

He groaned. “Nun uh.”

With a wry smile, she kissed his forehead. “Okay sleepyhead.”

Every night before a gym morning, I ask if he wants to come with me. And he always says yes. But when I go to wake him up……

I suppose at least this time he has a semivalid excuse in that I wore him out last night ๐Ÿ˜‰

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