Puns! I got ’em!


Celibacy in my relationship isn’t really a “forced” thing. It is, however, a bit of a currently necessary thing. One of the many downsides of monogamous long distance (when we are together, sex definitely happens at least once, though).

But. Even within that–he masturbates (it’s an allowed number per month because he uses it as stress relief, and was pretty adamant that just no-going it wouldn’t work); I do not. (Like 98% of the time. Sometimes I do, but so many stars have to align).

I’d love to say it heightens the experience when we do get together, and on some level for him I think it does. I’ve just noticed that a lack of sex on my end becomes more of a self-fulfilling prophecy in which I don’t do it so I don’t think about it so I don’t always have that “rawr”/sex drive when it would be very nice to have such a thing.

I also think that logic/way my body works is why we’ll never have any sort of “forced” celibacy once we’re actually in the same location. It would likely just lead to very, very sporadic sex and frustration for both of us.

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