Don’t take a six week express course if you want free time. Just. Don’t.

So here are the Food for Thought questions:

What has been your most embarrassing sex “fail”?

How did it happen?

Were you able to laugh it off and move on, or did it bring things to an untimely conclusion?

I’m just going to bulk answer:

There have been lots of times when lube has gotten everywhere, or we’ve had some trouble getting a toy to work right. Oh, and whenever we use coconut oil and have a portion of it in a bowl, one of the dogs tries to lick it. Or us. So that doesn’t happen all that often anymore.

The first time the boy and I tried doggie style was a complete no-go. He had only ever done missionary, and he curves upwards. We tried a few times and eventually gave up and moved onto a different positions. Two years later when we actually started dating (yeeeeeaaaaaah that’s a story for later) we figured out how to make it work, and I am very glad for that.

Sadly, most of our sex fails are because of four/legged interference. But maybe that’s ultimately a good thing haha.


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