The dildo is taunting her. It’s definitely bigger than the finger she usually uses. And it has veins! She can’t remember why she thought this was a good idea, but it’s here now and it’d be a waste of money to not at least try it out.

After a brief pep talk about how she’s so totally got this, she settles into the bed against the pillows, dildo within easy reach. Closing her eyes, she conjures up the fantasy that caused her to buy the damn thing in the first place, hands roving along her sensitive spots under her breasts, the edge of her hips, along the right side of her opening.

She’s a princess, sequestered away high up in her tower, wistfully looking out the window for any sign of her savior. Over the horizon, a small dot slowly grows larger as it nears. Hopeful, she leans out the small window as far as she can without defenestrating herself. And, oh! This time it is! An armored knight, galloping forth.

As the fantasy knight fights the dragon, slashing and dodging his way to victory, she slowly starts circling her clit, bigger circles that close in on themselves, before rolling back out and then in. A finger dips down, feels how wet she’s starting to get.

The knight breaks down the door, and grabs the princess around the waist to hoist her onto the bed. They start stripping their clothes off to celebrate the knight’s victory.

As the knight plunges into the princess, she grabs the dildo and has it mimic his actions. The fullness suddenly inside her makes her gasp, hips pressing up, trying to get more, feel fuller. She slides it in and out of her, pressing up against a spot she never felt with just her fingers. When the knight comes, satiated from his conquested princess, she does, too.

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2 thoughts on “[Masturbation Monday] Always a First Time

  1. Oh, this kind of reminds me of my girlfriend… She and I met due to our mutual crush on a certain male political figure, and she has similar fantasies like this about him. It’s kind of hot to imagine her as the woman in this story. 😍


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