In counseling, I’ve been told I operate primarily from a “heart” perspective. Which is not to say I’m incapable of seeing or using logic–I am, ironically usually when the boy is talking from the heart instead of his typical brain perspective. What it means, for me, is that when I am feeling a certain way, I believe that route is the best route.

Apparently, within this way of seeing the world, I was also deemed the “life force”–the one who made things happen. Which, yes? Duh? I’m not typically faced with much analysis paralysis. There’s no point in thinking through all the thousands of scenarios when you can just Get Shit Done. Does this come back to bite me sometimes? Oh almost certainly (take, for example, the foster kittens. A mama cat with five babies was clearly the right choice when my heart was doing the talking. They needed a place to stay! They’re so cute! It’s only temporary and totally a good idea! Except oh boy. Cleaning SIX litter boxes twice a day is downright terrible. I’d do it again, though. I’d foster another round of mama cat with babies. Hell, I bought a cat tree. So. Should probably put it to good use.)

But still. I do things. Arguing with me about them is likely to get a “yeah well okay but I’m going to do it anyway. Your opinion has been noted.” (I do take into account the boy’s opinion, though. I’ve opted to not pursue certain paths because he’s brought up valid objections). Granted I also throw out a bunch of “oh hey this would be nice!” ideas that maaaaybe won’t get followed up on. But if they are actually followed up on, you know they’re going to be awesome!

It is, I think, an overall strength in my relationship that the two of us primarily utilize different “languages” when it comes to life. Me, because I open up a wider world of possibilities for him, and him because he keeps me grounded when I’d probably float away and be a little aimless.

I swear this had something to do with conviction when I started… meh. Maybe I’ll just come up with an interrogation role play. 😉

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One thought on “[Wicked Wednesday] Heart and Soul

  1. I love how you seem to be the opposite poles of each other, which is what makes it work. It’s the same with me and my husband. He’s rational, I’m emotional, and it just works together as we learn from and balance each other.

    Rebel xox


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