I will be so glad when this semester is over. So. Glad.

Where is the most inappropriate place that you have engaged in any kind of sexual activity?

Probably either the high school parking lot junior year, or maybe the few times I’ve given road head. But the second one is only inappropriate because of the risks associated with it. Not that it really stopped me from doing it…

What did you do/how far did you go?

Fingering in the first…oral in the second lol.

But it was that “I have no idea what I’m doing” fingering so…only enjoyable because 1) teenage “love” hormones and 2) circumstances. I didn’t really know what exhibitionism was back then, but I can definitely see how my enjoyment of it extends back further than I was consciously aware of it.

Did you get caught/interrupted?

So, I thought we didn’t. But apparently we had (in high school), and whoever tattled apparently told my parents and it was this whole big thing. Whole. Big. Thing. (I did not grow up in a sex positive household). Older me thinks my mom was full of shit and trying to get me to admit to something she didn’t have proof of but suspected, though.

Is there any location/situation that is on your fantasy “to-do” list?

I think semi-public-without-getting-caught situations are definitely on my fantasy list. It will likely never happen because the boy isn’t an exhibitionist, and my rational side usually wins out. Plus I hate camping, and that seems like the “easiest” option. And I’m not super spry, so car sex in general is tricky. Ugh. Reality blows sometimes


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