Once upon a time, there was a very, very lonely tree fairy. Oh, sure, he went around helping the sickly trees, subtly rearranging roots to help them find water, and the work was rewarding, but it wasn’t exciting.

Sometimes he’d spy lovers who had escaped into his forest for a small tryst, and those were mildly exciting vouyeristic opportunities. But they were nothing more than passing distractions in an overall solitary life.

There would be the occasional daydream, as he lay sunning himself on some of the leaves he helped maintained, about a companion fairy. Maybe a water one, for they’d be complementary to one another. But water fairies were known for their constantly shifting desires, so at best he’d get something brief, and ultimately unsatisfying.

Perhaps an air fairy would come by? They were easily distracted, though, so catching their attention in the first place would probably be difficult.

But the one he really fantasized about was the fire fairy. They were passionate, and while sometimes they were quick to burn out a relationship, they could also last quite awhile. He never did dare go find one, though, for fear she would consume him and leave nothing behind–much like her element would do to his precious forest. The forest fairy was very keen on thinking about it, though.

She’d take charge, pin him down with no where to go, mount him and ride him until he was spent, had no more to give, but never being satiated herself. The fire fairy would use him in other ways, then. Use him to her satisfaction, whenever that would be–if it ever came to fruition. And he’d love every moment of it, right up until it was too much, too much, and he’d be done. Collapsed from the pleasure he had been forced to provide. Maybe, if he had truly pleased her, she’d be back. And he’d welcome her, every time.

This is what happens when you realize it’s Monday and finals week is coming up…

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