This isn’t inherently a femdom or a sex blog or anything like that.

It’s probably going to end up being a combination diary of sorts, but I’m not setting out to do any one thing in particular with it.

I am admittedly horrid at social media, promotion, and commenting on things.

The basic of basic things about me, though, are as follows:

  • I’ve been in what’s essentially a female-led relationship for almost two years now. My partner is an absolute doll and he’s opened up a whole world to me that I’m very glad I stepped in to
  • Outside of my relationship, my life consists of the gym, dogs, baking, work and going back to school for a career change. So I’m busy, usually
  • I hate black and red as a BDSM color scheme. HATE IT. All the boy’s leather gear is brown and green and it looks absolutely fabulous on him thankyouverymuch.
  • Technically I identify as a bisexual switch who prefers to Domme and Bottom. But labels suck.
  • I eat cookie dough raw. And cake batter raw. And brownie batter. I just lick the spoon and the bowl cause gotta make sure whatever is in the oven comes out delicious. Totally not because I’m a sugar fiend.
  • I don’t Twitter.
  • Did I mention the doooogs??? We have a hound mix and a mutt and they are the best ❤

Anyway. Back to your regularly scheduled…whatever this is going to be XD


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