He went from kneeling and nuzzling against her thighs to laying on the bed, hard and ready for sex they didn’t have time for.

She grabbed his cock. “This is mine.” Then laid on top of him, bodies pressed together. “This is also mine,”

“Yes,” he said. And she kissed him before she had to leave.

The Food for Thought questions this week are about…pick up lines essentially haha.

Do you have a tried and tested chat-up line?

No! When I messaged the boy, it was about a fantasy book series we both had in common.

I can tell you what’s not a chat-up line: “aww, cute dog!” I legit just think your dog is cute. I do not want to bone or date. I want to pet the dog. And love on the dog. But beyond that? Naw

Have you ever used, or had a really corny line used on you?  Did it work?

It’s statistically likely one was used on me when I was on OkCupid and Tinder. Heck if I remember for certain, though. So clearly didn’t work.

The boy and I do have tomato/corn mugs, his is the corn that says “I love you from my head to-ma-toes” and mine is the tomato that’s rolling its eyes saying “you’re so corny”

Within the context of our relationship, I do believe both of us have used corny lines, for humor and amusement. They certainly have a spot in our communication.

Are you calm and confident, or are you like Jeff?

Neither! But probably closer to calm and confident. Now at least. Younger me would be such an awkward turtle


One thought on “[Snippet]/[Food for Thought Friday] Pick Up Lines

  1. I’d like to think I’ve never been guilty myself, but I do cringe when female friends show me some of the gems they receive on OKCupid and the likes. Some people actually possibly should stick to sending dick pics… 😉


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