Does the title age me?

Doggy style is one of my absolute favorites. And it doesn’t have to be limited to, ah, “man in control.” I actually find controlling doggy style way easier than controlling cowgirl

The cuffs are connected behind his back, as he’s kneeling on the bed. She positions herself in front of him, hips raised but chest down to help her arms for leverage. He moans as she guides his cock into her wet heat. “Don’t you dare come until I’ve had my fill of you,” she says, setting a slower pace of moving him in and out of her.

He manages a “yes, ma’am” as she continues to fuck herself on him.

“You feel so good inside me, baby. Love how full you make me feel.” She speeds up her thrusts a little, hand going to her clit, knowing how it’ll make her tighten around him.

His whimpers earn a warm, if slightly teasing, laugh out of her. Feeling her own climax building, she speeds up, using her free forearm to prop against and push into.

“Oh god. Oh please, ma’am, pleaseplease.” His urgent pleading leads her to completely slide off him, she rotated her torso to watch as milky fluid leaks out of him.

“Mmm, baby, you made a bit of a mess, there.”

His hips buck forward a little as he nods. “Yes, ma’am”

She runs a finger underneath his cock to collect the leak. “Guess you’ll just have to clean it up.”

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3 thoughts on “[Kink of the Week] So we can both watch X-Files

  1. I absolutely agree, re: not being about “man in control.” 🙂

    I also don’t believe ‘doggy style’ is only about fast & rough fucking. It’s a fantastic position for “feel everything” fullness. So I love that you used that approach here.


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