Her fingers start just above her breast, trailing along the side of it where she knows it’s more sensitive, down her side to where her hipbone is, before walking them over to the other side and reversing the path up. Her hand keeps making the U shape, alternating which side traces down and up.

The muffled whine from across the room doesn’t make her hesitate, although she does start adding in a slow slide along the folds near her clit. Spreading her legs a little wider and hiking her knees up some, she eventually slides a finger onto the edge of her opening.

The whine sounds almost like “please” this time, as she uses the forming wetness to help her finger glide up against her clit. A content sigh escapes her lips as she dips the finger back in her aperture, eased in by her own essence.

Her thumb rubs slow circles along her clit as her finger moves in and out of her, and the whines are coming closer together now. Not changing her pace, she props herself up on an elbow to glance over at the noise. “What seems to be the matter, beautiful? Do you want something?”

Across the room, cuffed to a chair and gagged, her paramour’s eyes pleaded with her, accompanied by muffled requests. Her propped up arm gave a little shrug, and she settled back down on the bed, fingers still working on her sex. “Guess not.”

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4 thoughts on “[Masturbation Monday]

  1. Welcome to Masturbation Monday!

    That was absolutely sex and erotic, but (as someone with a Dominant who would do something similar) I was both chuckling (glad it wasn’t me) and cringing (because it could be, lol). Love this!


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